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Cross Styles ~ When the iron is red hot and the blacksmith is unfolding the arms of the cross, he guides the metal with his hammer, anvil and tongs.
Occasionally he will allow the iron to "design" itself, resulting in either a traditional or modern appearance.
Therefore, each cross comes in a Traditional or Triumpant style.

Traditional ~ the arms of the cross extend straight out,
as in this Shining Star Cross.

A Traditional Style Cross

Triumphant ~ the arms extend at a modern, upswept angle, as in this Railroad Spike Smooth & Shiny Cross.

A Jubilant Style Cross

A note about the photos: Some items may appear gold or bronze in color.
This is due to reflections ~ the true color is either metallic or shiny silver.

Cross Sizes ~ Each cross is forged in a Small or Medium size.

Small ~ Great displayed on your desk or hung on a wall. Approximately 6'' tall and 4-1/2'' wide with the body being 1/2'' wide and 1/4'' thick.
Medium ~ These are hefty versions of the small crosses. Approximately 6'' tall and 4-1/2'' wide with the body being 3/4'' wide and 3/8'' thick.

Except for Railroad Spike Crosses, any cross can be forged in size from approximately 1 inch to over 3 feet tall.
The main distinction is the width of stock, texture and patina. Because of the unique way the crosses are created, no two are alike. See The Forging of a Cross.

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